About Us


To impart the vision and mission the institute itself evolved the following objectives:

  • To develop skills and competencies of students in agricultural science and management.
  • To equip the farming and it’s service sector to professionalize their management for better tomorrow.
  • To empower the farm science and technology operators for sustainable and profitable processes with improved decision making skills and competence of practical solutions.
  • To establish educational facilities to prepare young people for careers in agricultural establishments and related fields.
  • To provide new agricultural management tools with knowledge and theories through practically designed problem-solving learning opportunities.
  • Empower with knowledge and skill to excel in agri enterprises with creativity and commitment.
  • To engage with MNC’s, Govt and other organisations for their participation in developing appropriate training methods for their need.
  • Specific short term programs, both customized and generic, will also be provided to ensure ready managerial pool for their need.

Core Issues

In pursuit of its vision and mission the institute will:

  • Train the fresh agricultural/biological science graduates with management knowledge and competencies appropriate for governance and development of resources, enterprises, and institutions meant for agricultural communities.
  • Using transformative in its approach with a focus on over all issues in agricultural science and technology handling.
  • Empower with excellence, creativity, intelligence, and commitment in handling agri-enterprises.
  • Encourage practical academic mechanisms in decision making even while experimenting with new paradigms.


Institute Life