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Agriculture has long been regarded as having one of the lowest levels of formally qualified people working in it. As pressures are placed on agriculture to produce sufficient high quality food in ways that are sensitive to the environment, there is a critical need to attract and retain the people most capable of delivering, not only against the food agenda but against the sustainability agenda. The professionalism and highly technical nature of the agricultural industry must be harnessed to encourage both young and more mature new entrants. Furthermore, industry must demonstrate it provides an attractive environment for a progressive career. Current skills and education policies in India are aimed at encouraging employers to take the lead to address skills issues through the development of a demand-led training and education infrastructure. The policy document (2008) of Government of India on skill development mission states that the current capacity of the skill development system is inadequate to meet the requirement.

In this back ground GPS institute of Agricultural Management (GPSIOAM) under Dr. G. P. Shetty Agri. Research and Educational Trust was established in 2014 to address the skill and managements gaps in the agricultural field. This is an off shoot of Multiplex Group of companies.

Multiplex Group is one of the leading manufacturers, marketers and exporters of Micro Nutrients, Organic Manure, Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, and Bio-Activators from Bangalore, India. All the Group Companies are certified for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. All the products both Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides are certified by IMO Switzerland as a source for organic farming. There are 22 Scientists holding Doctorate Degrees in Agriculture and mainly doing Lab and extensive work in the field. There are about 100 B.Sc. (Ag) and M.Sc.(Ag) Personnel working as Sales Officers and Field Officers offering technical services to the farming community. The group and their products are marketed through marketing network of 22 branches, with 600 plus Sales Staff and chain of Distributors spread across the country.

Further, the products are being exported to countries like China, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, Cyprus, Djibouti, Ethiopia (Africa), Japan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Venezuela etc. The Group Company Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd., with two R &D Units in Karnataka, are recognized as In-House R & D Units by the Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology. The Republic of Djibouti, Africa, by looking into our organizations infrastructure and quality of products, have appointed, Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, as their consultants, advisors and managers for their agricultural projects in Djibouti and Ethiopia, Africa. The Republic of Djibouti, Africa had appointed the Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore as their project implementing and management agencies for Serofta Modern Farm (comprising of 3088 hectares, 7500 acres) at Serofta, West Arsi region, Ethiopia.

Thus Multiplex has been working with the farming community for over four decades and constantly striving to improve the quality of life of farmers. Multiplex as a Company is known as a “Total Solution Provider” in every area of farm management. By having continuous research and innovation, Multiplex has become first and most preferred choice of farmers in every nook and corner of the country.

With these expertise and experience in farming sector we foresee that next generation farming requires skilled professional in the field. The outcome of our thinking is “Dr.G.P.Shetty Agri. Research and Educational Trust” to address the skill and managements gaps in the farming sector.


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